Needs Met. Relationships Built. Lives   Transformed.

GCU CityServe is a compassionate Christian outreach ministry of Grand Canyon University

that mobilizes resources and collaborative partnerships to provide life-transformational

solutions to individuals and families in need.

GCU CityServe Vision

  • Meet Needs
    Empower ministry partners through the provision of gift in kind (GIK) resources, training and equipping in the CityServe model for community outreach. 
  • Build Relationships
    Mobilize the community by building an interconnected network of action-oriented providers engaged in ministry to individuals and families in need.
  • Transform Lives
    Make a lasting impact on lives and communities by sharing the love of Christ, meeting needs and providing pathways to sustainability. 

About CityServe

GCU CityServe works with national retailers and suppliers to distribute products — primarily household goods— through local churches and faith-based organizations.

As the network affiliate for the state of Arizona, GCU CityServe will lead the development of a Christian-provider network into a unified focus for individual and community transformation across Arizona.

Empowering the Church

From the beginning of time, our world has experienced suffering. The light of hope in a broken world is God’s church. We empower the local church to follow in the footsteps of Jesus and offer solutions for brokenness through 10 initiatives found throughout the Bible.

How it Works

CityServe HUB

Our HUB facilitates the growth and training of the POD network to serve the community in its geographic region.

CityServe PODs

Points of Distribution (PODs) are local churches or nonprofit Christian organizations that support the mission, vision and values of CityServe. PODs receive the products from their assigned HUB and equip their Heroes to meet the practical and spiritual needs of those in their neighborhood.


A Hero is an individual trained and mobilized by their POD to give the donated products and support to those in need. The gift provides opportunities for the Hero to build relationships and share the gospel of Jesus Christ in their community.