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GCU CityServe is a compassionate Christian outreach ministry of Grand Canyon University that mobilizes resources and collaborative partnerships to provide life-transformational solutions to individuals and families in need. GCU CityServe: • EMPOWERS ministry partners by providing GIK resources and training in the CityServe model for community outreach. • MOBILIZES a network of action-oriented providers to engage in ministry to families in need. • TRANSFORMS lives and communities by sharing the love of Christ, meeting needs, and providing pathways to sustainability.

Donations are applied to...

A gift of $150 will sponsor a pallet of household goods. A gift of $3,000 will sponsor an entire truckload. No gift is too small as together we can make a collective impact helping families in need throughout Arizona.

*GCU CityServe is an AZ Qualified Charitable Organization, #22567, and is eligible for AZ tax credit of up to $421 (filing single) or up to $841 (filing jointly). Please consult your tax professional for details.

Personal Message

We sincerely appreciate your generous heart for blessing others in our community.

Why are donations necessary?

Each truckload of goods is estimated to have an average of $50,000 retail value and will cost GCU approximately $3,000 in freight costs to get product to the HUB and available for PODs.

Thanks To Our Recent Donors!